TSM Episode 318: Eastertides of War

A twenty-three week reading concludes with SiliconNooB and Imitanis in attendance. Lusipurr imposes further sanctions as the Zestria War grinds ahead, and then dispenses helpful advice to hardware developers about what to leave out of console development.

MAP Episode 61: Vanity Fair

Want to acquire more vanity items in World of Warcraft and PlayStation Home? Neither do the panelists, who cover that and so much more. Pokemon Generation V, Nintendo being sued, and the U.S. Government's next big game round out their topics!

MAP Episode 44: The First Christmas

Still reeling from the shock of the worst podcast ever, Lusipurr is determined to maintain a fascist-tight grip on the reins, but he fails to reckon on the additional combined might of two Canadians. Listen as Lusipurr slips ever deeper into depression!