MAP Episode 87: Return of the Lusi

By Lusipurr
Initially released in the US in 1987, Castlevania was a massive success. Unlike the Rock Opera now showing at the Meadowbrook Theatre.

Download Link: Produced 2010.10.17 Lusipurr makes his much-desired return with Ginia and SiliconNooB on hand to provide important commentary on the issues of the day, including Final Fantasy XIV, the availability of Mew, the lack of NPD numbers, and the shocking sales of the PS Move.

MAP Episode 83: Kotick Strikes Back

By Lusipurr
We will charge them fifteen dollars every time they look at an alt-text message. You will see the charge on your next credit card statement. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Download Link: Produced 2010.09.19 Darth Lane uses the force to ensure that the panelists eagerly report on the Tokyo Game Show, show their love for Activision games, and profess their unswerving belief in the right-minded thinking of Emperor Kotick. All hail the GLOBAL ACTIVISION EMPIRE!

MAP Episode 77: Joliver Biebtok Intervention Call

By Lusipurr
Stop playing Modern Warfare instead of being on the podcast, idiot!

Download Link: Produced 2010.08.08 When Joliver Biebtok skips out on a spot on the podcast in favour of taking drugs and playing Modern Warfare 2 until 04:00, the panelists realise the time has come to act. Spurred on by the beneficent Nate Liles, an intervention call is made. Repeatedly. * * * * * * […]

MAP Episode 76: Joliver Biebtok

By Lusipurr
A mere glance at this picture fills me with a desire to end all things.

Download Link: Produced 2010.08.01 When the podcast is routed through Australian Semaphore, unexpected felicity is the order of the day. Nate Liles is struck dumb, Ginia’s voice is lowered in pitch so humans can hear it, and Lusipurr is able to read poetry without constant interruption!

MAP Episode 72: Disorganised and Uncensored

By Lusipurr
There. I used the picture. Are you happy, Nate?

Download Link: Produced 2010.07.04 When Lusipurr’s case of Shingles makes it difficult for him to type, he introduces a new time-saving feature: total lack of organisation. And the result: the worst podcast in the history of the universe. Turn and run. Don’t look back. Just run. Run NOW.

MAP Episode 70: E3 2010

By Lusipurr
...the time of the year when Ethan sucks Oliver off behind a booth stocked with large-breasted women dressed as video game characters.

Download Link: Produced 2010.06.20 When Oliver once again fails to show up for a stay at Castle Lusipurr, the staff are forced to cover E3 themselves. Bup reports on Lady Gaga’s E3 showing and Biggs spends the entire podcast silently painting her tits. Don’t be a Rude Gus: listen now! * * * * * […]

MAP Episode 57: I Love Vanille, Mate!

By Lusipurr

Download Link: Produced 2010.03.21 The panel examines the various comments left by readers in the continuing Final Fantasy XIII feature. Special guest Oliver Motok shows up to profess his love for Nate Liles, whilst Ginia and Lusipurr discuss awesome games from the past.

Editorial: Pokemasters

By Bup

Every time a new Pokemon game is released, I always tell myself I will not buy it.  It is always the same type of game with a few new Pokemon and a couple new features added in.  This is especially apparent when the “new” games are just rehashes of previous games, such as the recently […]