Winnie the Pooh FEATURED

TSM Episode 621: A Literal Plop

Exposure to Final Fantasy X leaves Caspius crippled with the Brown Rain, and a quieter, more studious podcast is the result, with a thorough examination of Nintendo's total domination of the Japanese video game market, following Sony's self-destruction.
Final Fantasy VII Remake Sector 7 Plate Screenshot

TSM Episode 583: Mr. Nomura’s Wild Ride

When Nomura drops the equivalent of the island of Manhattan on the equivalent of the Delhi slums, Caspius and SiliconNooB are caught in the carnage of a thousand simultaneous mass terror attacks. But with the assistance of Cait Sith, they escape unharmed!

News: A Nintendo Threefer

Nintendo's share price is not doing so well, Nintendo UK are charging a fortune to fix their own hardware defects, and someone has hacked Splatoon in order to chastise Nintendo in the news of the week!
Battlefield V - Screen 01 - FEATURED

News: Battlefield Yes!

Pokemon Let's Go! has been confirmed for trash, EA's next Battlefield game will star a crippled lesbian, and PlayerUnknown has taken Fortnight to court in South Korea in the news of the week!
Pikachu Cries - Pokemon Movie - FEATURED

News: Ruining Games

Miyamoto deliberately hires non-gamers, Pokemon is set to make the transition to action, and Playerunknown labels his customers as horrible racists in the news of the week!
Pokemon Ultra Sun Box Art

Review: Pokemon Ultra Sun

The first four generations of Pokemon games each had a special edition that was released later with additional features. Did this game make Imitanis want to catch em' all? Read on to find out!
Valkyria Revolution Screenshot 2 FEATURED

TSM Episode 462: Swatting in the New Year

Lusipurr invents a death-free alternative to swatting, but Adeki prefers global thermonuclear war. Meanwhile, Imitanis lines up 360-no-scope-headshots on both of them before the arrival of the Worst of the Year awards prevents further staff deaths.
Game & Wario SLIDER

TSM Episode 439: Adekicast

After Lusipurr falls ill with a throat infection, Adeki is forced to take over podcast hosting duties in addition to his already gruelling, Wario-filled streaming schedule. Luckily, SiliconNooB is on hand to ensure that the Cricket is not forgotten.
Abandoned Treehouse SLIDER

TSM Episode 438: New Romanticism

Lusipurr, Adeki, and SiliconNooB together repair to nature in hopes of enjoying its manifold restorative blessings. But, following their exposure to inclement elements and irritating fauna, then each return whence they came with untrammeled haste.
E3 Sony Conference 2014 SLIDER

News: E3

Microsoft has a conference, Sony has a conference, and Nintendo has a conference [of sorts] in the news of the week!
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