Editorial: EA and Daedalus

By Adeki
Star Wars Battlefront II Logo Artwork FEATURED

Adeki sits down in his rocking chair and recounts the tales of a company that got so greedy the state of Hawaii had to declare a statement about the situation. For more on the story of EA, a modern day Icarus, read on!

Editorial: Plants vs Zombies vs Ethos

By Ethos
Click. ...Click. Click...

Ethos is in that familiar place of not having time to play games, but also being physically incapable of not playing games. This paradox has brought him back to the safe world of Plants vs Zombies. Will this editorial document his madness? Find out!

Review: Plants vs. Zombies

By Deimosion
These zombies are too adorable to be annoying.

While casual games have been the bane of many gamers, even hardcore gamers seem to enjoy PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies. Why is the game so popular with both the casual and hardcore gaming audience? Read on to find out!

MAP Episode 114: A New Hope

By Caspius
Lusipurr.com celebrates the best virtues of humanity. And generosity is a virtue. Just sayin

This week’s gaggle of panelists (Ginia, Lane, SN, SB, and Deimosion) are joined by special guest Oliver ‘Riddles’ Motok for a discussion of the PSN-related news, and Lusipurr FanFiction gets read in the first installment of Lusipurr’s Story Time!

MAP Episode 52: Australian Semaphore

By Caspius

MAP Series 1 comes to an end with a crash and a bang as Chris Privitere of RPGamer graces the soundstage of Lusipurr.com to instill a little class, all delivered with sincere respect and tolerance of alternative lifestyles such as Australian Semaphore.