Editorial: On Immersion

By Deimosion
Cake, potato, etc.

This week, Deimosion takes a look at immersion in games. What makes games immersive? What are some of Deimosion’s favorite immersive games? Do any of Lusipurr.com’s readers really not know the answers to these questions? All that, and less!

Editorial: On Genre-Bending in Gaming

By Deimosion
I make no apologies for that joke.

There are many games which either defy genre classification or attempt to blend two or more genres. This week, Deimosion spends a brief amount of time discussing several such games and what makes them work or fail as interesting gaming experiences.

News: Portal 2 DLC Launches

By Durga
Portal 2 U.S. Box Art

Proving that Valve can hold a release date, the Portal 2 DLC is available for download today, with a surprise extra on Steam!

TSM Episode 16: Rinoa in Space

By Caspius
Final Fantasy VIII is just a dream that Selphie has whilst on a train to her classes at Trabia Garden.

In this week’s episode, Emmori prepares for a game involving thrones, Enrei is humbled by a bundle, Blitzmage announces a free soundtrack, and Lusipurr is finally released! Also: The Final Fantasy VIII playthrough continues through week two, sadly.