Editorial: On Post-Launch Support

Post-launch game support can mean many things these days, and Mel takes a look at a few of those things as they relate to the buying public. While often a tale of woe, as AAA gaming can be in many ways, post-launch support can be done well. Find out how!

Editorial: A Modern Proposal

Mel has a sudden change of heart about almost everything in the games industry and he takes the time this week to explore some of his new positions. Are they good positions or great ones? Only one way to decide.

News: Not the Black Wii, But Close Enough

Return of the Penis Monster

Which penis monster? Its rather sad that there are so many that you need to ask. But the penis monster I am referring to is Mara, the chariot-riding cock from the Persona series. This week, a new pre-order bonus was announced for those looking to purchase the PSP version of the popu…