Crysis - Screen 01 - Beach - FEATURED

News: PS4 Ray Tracing

Crytek brings ray tracing to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, Remedy expose themselves as liars, and there have been more rumours about a Nintendo Switch Pro in the news of the week!
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Games SLIDER

News: Curbing a Classic!

The SNES Classic has been announced, union unrest prevents longtime Resident Evil actors from returning for RE2make, and DFC Intelligence has some unrealistic expectations for the Xbox One X in the news of the week!
E3 Sony Conference 2014 SLIDER

News: E3

Microsoft has a conference, Sony has a conference, and Nintendo has a conference [of sorts] in the news of the week!
Nintendo Switch SLIDER

Editorial: Recent Launch Day Buttons

Adeki finishes up his series of editorials that started roughly two years ago (or at least it feels that way) all about video game consoles and their launches. Does Nintendo switch up the playing field in comparison to the PS4 Pro? Read on to find out!

News: Making VR Great Again!

Progressive VR enthusiasts discover that their money is going to elect Trump, SJWs tantrum over immigrants being called immigrants in EDF5, and Michael Pachter has been caught in a massive lie in the news of the week!