News: Dead Space Marines

EA performs damage control over their dismemberment of the Dead Space franchise, Nintendo do their best to talk down the Wii U, and Zynga cops a drubbing in this week's feel good news articles.

News: E3 2012 – Thursday

The events of E3 (Thursday) - Featuring: Nintendo revels that the Miiverse social network will be thoroughly gimped, the Wii U might have an even more scant launch line-up than we feared, and New Super Mario Bros 2 is doing something different with coins.

News: E3 2012 – Wednesday

The events of E3 (Wednesday) - Featuring: Nintendo throw a mediocre 3DS conference, and it is revealed that Konami will be sticking with an ambient orchestral soundtrack for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate.
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