News: Breath of Dire

Capcom gives Breath of Fire an unwelcome makeover, Xbone's GPU has been slightly overclocked, and Final Fantasy Type-0 is set to receive an English translation in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 69: Return of the Bup

SiliconNooB plunks down a bundle as part of the Academic Punchbeginner© and, as a result, Bup rises from the earth to wreak a mighty interviewing vengeance upon Lusipurr, revealing for once and all the deepest and darkest secrets of the black-caped man.

TSM Episode 68: Punchbeginning

Lusipurr invents the Punchbeginner without any help at all from Blitzmage, much to the chagrin of the latter. Feeling that the Red Menace has grown too big for his boots, SiliconNooB puts his foot down and, with the aid of Deimosion, victory is a shoe-in.
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