TSM Episode 377: In a Waste of Shame

With E3 on the horizon, the weekly gaming news evaporates, leaving the normally lubricated Australian more than a little parched. In an effort to stave off SiliconNooB's impending dessication, Imitanis and Lusipurr douse him with Cricket and literature.

TSM Episode 312: People of Walmart

When England goes down to one of the worst defeats in ODI history, SiliconNoob, Imitanis, and Mel rush to console Lusipurr with pictures from Wal*Mart. Traumatised, the Dear Leader takes to his bed. But worse, Scottish defeats loom just around the corner.

News: Breath of Dire

Capcom gives Breath of Fire an unwelcome makeover, Xbone's GPU has been slightly overclocked, and Final Fantasy Type-0 is set to receive an English translation in the news of the week!
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