Editorial: My Favorite Lunchbox

This week Mel looks back at the GameCube. A system he holds much affection for despite being pretty poor in some categories. Within, he discusses the highlights of the hardware and software in this retrospective about that little purple box.

Editorial: Final Fantasy Battle Systems

Ethos really enjoys the battle system in Final Fantasy VI. It might even be his favourite from before the PS2 era. But it has also made him think about the three distinct ways that Final Fantasy has approached battle systems. Which is best? Read on!

Review: Costume Quest

Double Fine Productions is known for making quirky games, and Costume Quest is no exception. Join Deimosion as he explores the fun, cartoony little Halloween-themed RPG.

Editorial: The Way We Game Now

Thea compares the state of modern gaming to Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now. Can she successfully link the world of gaming to a satirical Victorian novel? Probably not, but she sure tries.

Daniel “Deimosion” Flink

Hello, readers! I am Daniel Flink, more commonly known here on the internet as “Deimosion”. Refer to me by either name, it does not matter to me. I am going to be the site’s new Saturday Editorialist/Reviewer, bringing more of the weeaboo opinions that you the reader have come to expect…

Editorial: I Love Shiny Things (Like Materia)

As I confessed on the last podcast, I have been skimping ever so slightly on our site play-through of Final Fantasy VII in favour of Final Fantasy IX. In most respects I find that the later game is simply superior. The graphics, side content, pace and music are simply better in my opinion. Yet there is one area …