TSM Episode 493: Bored Games

By Caspius
Chasm Screenshot 1 FEATURED

Lusipurr, Imitanis, and Calyx discuss the latest exchanges between the worlds of interesting video games, expensive collectible card games, and boring table-top board games, with recent offerings including Gloomhaven, Artifact, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Editorial: Sega Launch Day Woes

By Adeki
Sega Dreamcast SLIDER

Adeki begins to reflect on previous console’s launch days as the Nintendo Switch is just about one month from plaguing the world with underpowered hardware and a ridiculous price-point. Have other companies made poor launch day choices? Read on!

Stephen “Slab Bulkhead” Mikesell

By Slab Bulkhead

Good day, citizens of the Luspurr.com Fortress Slave Labor Camp! It would appear that I have been granted a position which I am to use to bring you all my opinions on the comings and goings of the gaming world, and to force upon you so-called ‘objective’ reviews on the newest (and oldest) games! How […]

MAP Episode 66: Cosporn Deviance

By Caspius
Rumour has it that you can unlock a secret dress-sphere for Yuna in FFX-2: The Pole-Dancer.

Once again, the internet manages to sidetrack the Lusipurr.com panel into a discussion of matters unsavoury. News of GameStop DLC, LittleBigPlanet 2, and 3D PS3 games round out the news. Meanwhile, a quote from FFX-2: “BROTHER: Naked Yuna? I want to see!”