TSM Episode 387: Making a Great Anime

In this special round-table discussion, panelists Adeki, SiliconNooB, and Lusipurr (along with special guest Imitanis) discuss what it takes to make a truly great anime, and what anime best fulfil the potential of the medium.

Editorial: Introviewing Shimoneta

Brock reports on an attack on teenage exploration--a society that outlawed all images and acts that are considered impure. This post has violence, rebellion, uprising, freedoms oppressed, expression, and masked crusaders sticking it to the man. Enjoy!

News: Keys to the Kingdom

Aftermarket wonder device renders Amiibo obsolete, Schafer Kickstarts perpetual fraud, AAA developers step-up to support gamers in the wake of SPJ Airplay terror madness, and sexual terrorism finds an adorable new leading lady in the news of the week!