TSM Episode 254: When Shoes Attack

When Lusipurr is elected Pope, Blitzmage at last feels that the time has come for him to strike. Unleashing the powers of the Red Menace, he bludgeons Mel and SiliconNooB into grudging acceptance of his new world order--at least, until the podcast ends.

TSM Episode 95: Shoefag

Lusipurr is almost unintelligible thanks to the lack of a boom on his microphone; Blitzmage and KillswitchTool spend the entire podcast laughing at euphemisms, and SiliconNooB praises the Iron Lady for her manifold contributions to humanity.

TSM Episode 65: Do It Live

In an effort to dramatically improve podcasting technology, Deimosion and Blitzmage urge Lusipurr to do it live. The results prove anticlimatic: Imitanis falls asleep and SiliconNooB almost becomes sober. Luckily, the death of pornbots puts it all right.