Editorial: Letting Go of Konami

By Mel
... I hope it

Mel looks somberly over a grave marked “Konami’s Relevancy” and gives a eulogy for a once-beloved games company. Come inside and see what old memories he has dredged up as well as a better insight into how it all came to this regrettable outcome.

Editorial: Death and Bereavement as a Plot-device

By SiliconNooB

There are few plot tropes more prevalent in man’s narrative history than death, and the protagonist’s bereavement of those they hold dear, and as such it functions as a powerful plot device to drive and deliver narrative action to the vicarious throngs gathered to partake in the pathos of human transience. This is because the […]

Editorial: Games I Still Play

By Bup
Much like my heart...

I am notorious for buying and trading in games.  I have purchased games two or three times after trading them in.  However, there are still some I have owned for a few years and cannot even fathom getting rid of.  I am by no means a collector, but I still play these games.  Here I […]