Samsung Gear VR

News: Shockulus Rift

Occulus Rift executive arrested for the attempted molestation of underage girls, Super Mario Run was probably profitable but still a flop, and Mike Kennedy is back asking for money in the news of the week!

News: Yoichi Wada Lands upon His Feet

Yoichi Wada is named chairman of the board, Australia's ratings system is even worse than before, Atlus faces its most dire existential threat, and Silicon Knights/Precursor Games key creative talent has been arrested for being a child pornographer!

News: The Ill Spectre of Gaming

Warren Spector hates on violent games because he cannot get his own bad games funded, Dennis Dyack is up to his jowls in corporate crime, and Sony are not expecting any major fiscal pain from the launch of PS4 in the news of the week.
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