Elder Scrolls V Skyrim SLIDER

Editorial: To Love a Language

Adeki returns from his award-winning absence to write all about languages in video games which is ironic given his lack of knowledge of the English language. Will Adeki become quad-lingual? Or is he left to be illiterate in four languages? Read on!

TSM Episode 397: PS/4 Warp

Lusipurr is joined by SiliconNooB, Adeki, Sebastian, and Imitanis, to discuss the PlayStation 4 and whether its bevy of content and competitive price point make it an attractive consumer proposition despite its lack of asynchronous space warp.

Editorial: The Greatness of Modding

After a baptism in flames by the one and only creator, Lusipurr, KillswitchTool is reborn as Gyme. This week, Gyme talks about something that is nearly as glorious as the great creator, video game mods!

News: Crytek’s Identity Crysis

Crytek unveils plans to become an exclusive F2P studio, Ubisoft claims that low-quality spin-offs are integral to the Assassin's Creed business model, and new THQ boss Jason Rubin signals his intent to ruin Saints Row in this week's news headlines.

Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This week, Emmori shouts at one of this year's most anticipated games, but in a good way. Will Bethesda's newest incarnation of their premiere Western RPG series outdo its predecessors? Find out as Emmori reports here!