MAP Episode 113: Goodbup

By Caspius
Now what will we do with all of our extra macaroni cheese?

Nate ‘Bup’ Liles bids the site a fond adieu, replete with farts on a scale never-before-heard. The rest of the panel assembles to bid him well, including special guests Ginia and Reetin. Now I can finally have a proper website again. Ha ha! HA HA! HAHAHA!

Editorial: Activision is OK

By SiliconNooB

Activision is OK I guess. We enjoy to vilify the eponymous faceless corporation (and its jackass at large Bobby Kotick) here at, but really they are guilty of nothing more than giving consumers what they want for a price that they are obviously willing to pay. The market exhibited a voracious appetite for all […]

MAP Episode 55: Show Me Your Midget Tits

By Caspius

In this racism-filled podcast, Jenifer’s tits are utterly dwarfed by those of the site’s tame, Canadian midget. With Nate’s financial backing, a ‘Girls of’ calendar and weekly webcam show are planned, whilst Lusipurr contemplates suicide.