Review: Sonic Mania

By Adeki
Sonic Mania Box Art

Finally, the game that Adeki has been waiting to be released ever since its surprise announcement last year. Sonic Mania has been released and now it is time to determine whether or not the Blue Blur makes it to the finish line or falls flat on his face.

Editorial: Gaming in 1991

By Adeki
Zelda Link to the Past Screenshot 1 SLIDER

Adeki takes a joy-ride in the TARDIS to explore the world of gaming in 1991. Was it as fun as the tv shows made it out to be? Or was it a desolate wasteland devoid of all happiness? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Sega of the Union

By Adeki
Does a better home await you? In the sky? Or with a better developer?

Adeki crafts his own magnum opus as he destroys a once beloved franchise of his and rips it a new one. No longer will the Blue Blur stand tall in children’s hearts as Sega continues to self-destruct with terrible titles being released each year.

Editorial: Yandere Sin-ulator

By Adeki
Think of the robot/bird hybrid genitalia! The possibilities!

Adeki embraces Japanese customs and emerges himself into Yandere County, travelling as a nomad to explore the term Yandere and how he can tie it back to video games. Can video games be just as…interesting as anime and manga? Duh. But read this anyway!

MAP Episode 111: The Hiring Process

By Caspius
Disclaimer: MasterChef not shown to scale.

The site hires three new staff members, but Nate fails to show up for the customary hazing ritual. RPGamer’s Chris Privitere tries to fill Nate’s shoes, but without a HD fart app. for his new iPad2, his performance remains ultimately unconvincing.