TSM Episode 573: Reactor Fidelity

By Caspius
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Midgar Reactor Screenshot FEATURED

Caspius and a now-recovered SiliconNooB nearly come to blows over the correct difficulty level for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but find common ground over mutual dislike of the latest Final Fantasy VII Remake details regarding side-quests and missions.

Editorial: Gaming in 1996

By Adeki
Super Mario 64 SLIDER

Adeki opens the door to the year of 1996 only to be overwhelmed by the amount of games released within a one year period. How could one person play all of these games in just one year? Could anyone besides Bill Gates even afford to? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Gaming in 1994

By Adeki
Super Metroid Art SLIDER

Adeki dons his favorite tuxedo vest and decides to pour himself a full glass of time-travelling juice to travel into the year 1994. Was this batch a dud, or a refreshing glass of video gaming happiness? Read on!

Editorial: Mega Man Musings

By Deimosion

Deciding after last week that he wants to write something positive, Deimosion spends this week’s post exploring why the classic Mega Man formula works so well. SPOILERS: Dr. Wily was behind everything the whole time!

Review: Tomba!

By Deimosion
The pig on the left looks like it has just soiled itself in fear. Tomba is a scary kid.

Tomba! is a cult classic Action-Platformer that received universal acclaim but poor sales. Daniel discusses and reviews this colorful, quirky, little-known PlayStation classic in this week’s review.