Editorial: Emulate Me

By Imitanis
Final Fantasy, coming to microwaves soon!

Imitanis laments the fact that he can not play the games of his childhood on any of the systems he has access to. His solution? Emulation! Join him as he attempts to paint a rosy picture of the emulation scene today.

Review: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

By Deimosion
Most of the game

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is a cult classic PS2 RPG adored by many for its RPG mechanics and its lovable cast of characters. Join Daniel as he reviews the anime-inspired JRPG and discusses why it is a standout title among the myriad of Tactical RPGs.

Review: Toy Story 3

By Bup

Play through the events of the newest movie in the Toy Story franchise with the recent release of Toy Story 3 by Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive. Toy Story 3 allows players to experience the plot of the movie from the eyes of three of the more popular Toy Story characters: Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, […]

Review: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

By Bup

Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive bring players another great LEGO game with the recent release of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Lego Harry Potter places players in the shoes (or bricks?) of LEGO versions of memorable characters from the Harry Potter universe, such as Harry, Ron, Hermonine, and even Hagrid.  The game plays through […]

MAP Episode 56: Lady Gaga Is Not News

By Caspius

When Nate Liles best efforts to insert strategically Lady Gaga into the podcast, Lusipurr brings down the hammer on him and his fellow conspirators. Final Fantasy XIII discussion makes up the balance of this episode, including guest panelist Oliver Motok!

Editorial: My Top Nine of 2009

By Bup

Today is Wednesday, which means a new amazing post by everyone’s favorite NATE LILES!  As I have not had time to play anything worth reviewing over the past week I have decided to make my final post of 2009 about my top nine games of the year.  Many of you will notice that I am […]

MAP Episode 39: Natecast

By Caspius

Nate Liles ensures that the podcast doesn’t go off without a hitch as the panel welcomes Eric J for the first time and Johnny Pipes as special guest. Ginia and Lusi barely manage a word in edgewise between Nate’s flatulent outbursts. It’s terribad!