Christmas Tree SLIDER

TSM Episode 408: An Unexpected Party finally numerically surpasses CatFancy on Australian Christmas Day. And with the dawning of Christmas in the east (or west, if you prefer), Lusipurr and SiliconNooB enjoy a conversational ramble through anime, video games, and Cricket.

TSM Episode 394: Le Morte Darthur

As the story of Arthur and Camelot draws to an end, and a new beginning, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB turn away from excellent narratives and focus instead on the notably lamentable work found in World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XV, and Servamp.

TSM Episode 383: Dependence Day

SiliconNooB and Lusipurr celebrate Dependence Day at Ayers Rock by watching England beat Ceylon. Meanwhile, Imitanis and Adeki plot rebellion and mutiny, but are forestalled by a Frenchman with a penchant for les poissons--and intellectual property theft.

Editorial: Want Not

With all of these great games getting announced out of E3, Mel realized that they do not all appeal to him. Instead of being upset or worried by this, he makes the case for why the industry should embrace the fact that not every game is for everyone.

Editorial: Mel’s Adventures in Heavensward

With the recent launch of the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion, Mel shares some of his experiences thus far. Read on to find out how his first MMO handles its first major content expansion, and feel free to leave a comment!

Editorial: The Value of E3

Mel takes a look at E3 as May comes to a close and June can be seen around the corner. Is there any real value to this gigantic and expensive expo or is it all so much fluff and hot air? Read on to see Mel's take on it and probably someone's disagreement!

TSM Episode 287: Neither Rhyme nor Reason

Lusipurr, Ethos, and Mel confront a week of Nintendo-centric nonsense; Bup makes an appearance to discuss David Cage and Peter Molyneux; and the disappearance of Rhyme and Reason are explained. ALSO AS I SAID, Wikipedia says Zinc is a mineral, NOT a vitam

TSM Episode 267: Idiot Killed the Radio Star

After the power returns, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB, fed up with the continuous, appalling appreciation of Kurt Cobains, set about educating listeners on the meaningless and juvenile message which lies behind the dirty and unkempt superficiality of Nirvana.