TSM Episode 325: A Readership of None

As the last Lusipurr.com readers leave the site and the lights finally go dark at the formerly impressive Tower of Lusipurr, the panelists consider whether to cease production of site content and focus instead upon watching the Cricket and reading poetry.

TSM Episode 298: The Triumph of Gameplay

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel discuss Vagrant Story at length, and pass judgement on one of the great ideological debates from the past: Gameplay vs. Story. And, in advance of Thanksgiving, Puritans receive a well-deserved sledging from all parties.

Editorial: Narrate My Lego

One of the most exciting talks that came out of GDC last month was that of Ken Levine on the topic of Narrative Lego. Do we need to have tightly scripted experiences any more? Join Imitanis delves into this idea.

Editorial: Ludonarrative Dissonance

Imitanis uses big, unfamiliar words in his attempt to explain the feeling of disconnect a player has when a story told in a game is different to the experiences a player has while playing it. Read on to learn a new phrase this week!

Editorial: Tall Tales and Set Pieces

In this week's rant, Tim considers Minecraft and Spec Ops, Crusader Kings II and Call of Duty, Player and Developer. Does the sandbox nature of one make up for the scenic train ride of the other? Read on and choo-choo choose the winner!

Editorial: Story

Gamers love talking about how their video games need a deep story. But have developers figured out how to use our favourite - yet relatively new - medium properly yet? Or are games still trying too hard to imitate movies? Ethos explores these questions.