TSM Episode 2: Uberfree

Deimosion wonders why catching them all was--and is--so succesful, Slab Bulkhead is a trending topic, and Lusipurr is ubercharged! Also, EVE Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and City of Heroes round out an uncharacteristically MMO-centred news selection.

TSM Episode 1: A New Beginning

In this week's episode, Biggs downloads some content, Jake 2 is released, and Lusipurr gives us a history lesson. Also, a Pokemon ban is overturned, Devil May Cry goes HD, and EA Origin cracks down on our abominable, persistent belief in property rights.

MAP Episode 120: The End

With a crash, a bang, and a flush, the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast grinds to a halt amidst chaotic reporting of the E3 news. But do not fear: a new beginning awaits in The Starlight Megaphone. Stay tuned to Lusipurr.com, and remember: it goes up on Mondays!

MAP Episode 115: Network Security

In an effort to stave off discussions about love dolls and what kind of body oil Bup uses, the panel is presented with an array of news about PlayStation Network Security, Project Cafe, and Hats. Lusipurr concludes with a story from a book of fanfiction.
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