Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Art 01 - FEATURED

News: TDT News Direct Mini

The Xenoblade Summer playthrough is on like Donkey Kong, a Bravely Default 2 demo has been released on Switch, and there are a number of additional Switch announcements in the news of the week!
Cracked Nintendo Switch

News: Fiddlesticks!

Nintendo uses defective analogue sticks in their new Switch Lite console, PS5 Pro rumoured to launch alongside the base console, and Anthem is dead as a door nail in the news of the week!
World of Final Fantasy Balamb Garden

News: Physical Fantasy

The Final Fantasy VIII remaster is getting a physical release, 2k and Gearbox send thugs after a YouTuber, and two new Analogue retro consoles are on the way in the news of the week!
Dragon Quest XI - Casino Slots - Win - Screen - FEATURED

News: Nintendo Erect!

This week's Nintendo Direct had something for everyone, with announcements for Dragon Quest XI goodies, the surprise release of Tetris 99 and Final Fantasy IX, and the announcements of Super Mario Maker 2, Link’s Awakening, Oninaki, and Astral Chain!
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