Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Art 01 - FEATURED

News: TDT News Direct Mini

The Xenoblade Summer playthrough is on like Donkey Kong, a Bravely Default 2 demo has been released on Switch, and there are a number of additional Switch announcements in the news of the week!
Cracked Nintendo Switch

News: Fiddlesticks!

Nintendo uses defective analogue sticks in their new Switch Lite console, PS5 Pro rumoured to launch alongside the base console, and Anthem is dead as a door nail in the news of the week!
World of Final Fantasy Balamb Garden

News: Physical Fantasy

The Final Fantasy VIII remaster is getting a physical release, 2k and Gearbox send thugs after a YouTuber, and two new Analogue retro consoles are on the way in the news of the week!
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