Editorial Miscellany: Tales of Keyblade

Ethos is sick and tired and should be enjoying his holidays, but he just loves his readers too much and so he crawled out of his gross sweaty bed and blew his nose to bring everybody an Editoral Miscellany. Enjoy.

TSM Episode 115: Decision Review System

During the second T20 between Australia and England, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel discuss the Wii U price cut, the lack of voice recognition in Xbone Kinect, and the crushing success of Final Fantasy XIV, before resurrecting the TSM Discussion Segment!

News: Final Fantasy VII in HD

Square Enix announce a HD re-release of Final Fantasy VII, Namco Bandai announce the Western release of Tales of Xillia, and an EU court abolishes software EULAs even as John Riccitiello cries tears for speculative money in this week's positive news boons

TSM Episode 13: Unlucky Thirteen

In a massive panel, you'll find Blitzmage on linearity, Ginia on bundles, SiliconNooB on Origins, RootBeerKing on Tales Of, Slab Bulkhead on attachments, Deimosion on milking, Reetin on leves, Enrei on From Dust, and Lusipurr is online... on the Wii!?

TSM Episode 1: A New Beginning

In this week's episode, Biggs downloads some content, Jake 2 is released, and Lusipurr gives us a history lesson. Also, a Pokemon ban is overturned, Devil May Cry goes HD, and EA Origin cracks down on our abominable, persistent belief in property rights.