TSM Episode 35: A Very Tardy Arrival

By Caspius

The panelists arrive–some (much) later than others–to discuss topics including Ubisoft’s avaricious attempts to bilk PSVita gamers, Hulu on 3DS, a free-play weekend that has already gone, and the world’s most accurate Valentine’s Day Present simulator.

TSM Episode 27: Sweet Cider Wine

By Caspius
Based on this picture alone, I am already a huge fan of Australian Christmas.

When Bup fails to make an appearance, Lusipurr is forced to call in the only person who can fill in for the site’s largest former personality, with the result that Australian Christmas comes early, much drink is had by all, and Smissmass presents abound!

Review: Payday: The Heist

By Enrei
No, he is not trying to dress up like an astronaut.

This week, Enrei overcomes his fear of clowns and goes on a crime spree with Overkill Software’s Payday: The Heist. Does Payday manage a clean getaway, or will the cops shut the heist down before it begins?

Review: From Dust

By Enrei
Note: does not depict actual game events.

This week, Enrei prays to every god he has ever heard of hoping to find the one who will remove all the horrible memories Ubisoft’s newest god simulator, From Dust, have given him.

TSM Episode 2: Uberfree

By Caspius
Pyro: a synonym for awesome.

Deimosion wonders why catching them all was–and is–so succesful, Slab Bulkhead is a trending topic, and Lusipurr is ubercharged! Also, EVE Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and City of Heroes round out an uncharacteristically MMO-centred news selection.

News: Medic is Mai Waifu

By Biggs
Archemedes, best replacement for Luna and Artemis ever.

Valve continues to prove why they should be the industry standard of how to please your customers, Rift steals some customers for World of Warcraft, Nintendo continues to ignore the internet, and Hideo Kojima talks about something other than himself!

News: The Neverending PSN Story

By Biggs

The continuing struggle of the PlayStation Network frustrates developers, Sweden dislikes possibly underage boob jiggle, Team Fortress gore porn voting begins, and a new reason why Steve Jobs loves crazy cat ladies.