TSM Episode 322: Flexivim

By Lusipurr

In this week’s zoooooooooo, Bek, SiliconNooB, not Mel, Imitanis, Java, not Ethos, half-a-Bup, Ginia and Biggs(!?) join Lusipurr to drink Flexivim and watch the Cricket old-timey style (jUicE!). Fa la la la la la la la la! Falafel (please use as directed)!

MAP Episode 98: Gilbert Gottfried’s Genitals

By Lusipurr
Yes, the picture is disturbing, but like all of Nate

Download Link: Produced 2011.01.09 Nate & Biggs return and the podcast is like an out-of-control mine cart ride: it soon goes off the rails and improbably crashes straight into Gilbert Gottfried’s genitals, becoming one of those episodes which Lusipurr hopes he will never have to explain.