TSM Episode 538: E3 Extravaganza 2019

By Caspius
Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake Conference E3 2019 FEATURED

With the launch of The Day Tonight’s Smash Bros. Tournament Donation Drive, the on-going Cricket World Cup, the forthcoming Ashes contest, the site-wide playthrough of Suikoden II, and the conclusion of E3, the panelists find themselves buried in news!

Editorial: General Shareholder Meetings

By SiliconNooB
He cuts a forlorn figure ...

    As I was eschewing Xbox Live, I met a man with seven lives. Seven abortions did he spin, Seven times he failed to win. Seven seasons at the helm, Saw dissolution to his realm. And when required to give account, Quite the defence did he mount. Market forces were afoot, To leach the […]

Editorial: Bioware follow up their genre trolling with more genre trolling

By SiliconNooB

Forgive the hyperbole, Greg Zeschuck’s latest response to the JRPG industry was actually rather more diplomatic than Daniel Erikson’s “You can put a j in front of it, but it’s not an rpg” outburst, though the inherent arrogance looks to be much the same. Their central message seems to be that the only way for […]

MAP Episode 20: Nate’s Musical Face

By Caspius

Nate displays his amazing face-based music; the panel fails to discuss things of importance; Final Fantasy IX comes to an excellent conclusion; and listeners learn what they can expect from the Summer Fiesta ’09. It’s all here, except for what isn’t!