TSM Episode 313: Lusipurr’s Pizza Party

In an effort to prevent Lusipurr enjoying his pizza, SiliconNooB harasses him with constant gibberings and dribblings of a news- and cricket-related nature. Then, adding insult to the injury, Bup arrives on the scene, necessitating even more shouting.

TSM Episode 248: Fursona

Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrive in the United States, promping all podcasts to go off the air, and allowing vacation time for website staff members. But SiliconNooB is Australian and Lusipurr is hateful, and hence The Starlight Megaphone goes on!

TSM Episode 247: The Age of Stereo

The Microsoft Xbox One launches to some acclaim from some people, and less acclaim from other people. Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel tear the PlayStation 4 apart and evaluate costs. Microsoft Xbone Television is discussed: Welcome to the age of STEREO!