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TSM Episode 602: Mario Madness

Following a Mario-centred Nintendo Direct that confirms The Day Tonight's predictions for upcoming Switch titles, SiliconNooB and Caspius smugly sip caffeinated beverages and daintly consume frosted pastries amidst a chorus of self-congratulation.
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TSM Episode 600: Tooting Our Own Horn

To celebrate a new podcast milestone, Caspius announces a contest for the best new US iTunes review, and joins Reetin, Imitanis, and SiliconNooB to review the latest encouraging news about Skyward Sword in advance of the upcoming Earthbound playthrough.
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TSM Episode 510: Four Guys

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis plan a televised, cross-America road trip (including Ethos) to visit famous arcades, pie shops, and natural wonders. But disagreement erupts over the choice of vehicle, the selected destinations, and everything else.

TSM Episode 392: Burgers and Biscuits

Imitanis brings to the podcast a comprehensive knowledge of the many forms of biscuits; Lusipurr provides an American corollary with burgers, sausages, and pizza; and resident Aussie SiliconNooB provides the beer in this end-of-the-summer celebration.

Editorial Miscellany: The Problem

Ethan played one Nintendo game and watched another. He has good things to say but sees the ways in which Nintendo has been its own worst enemy by looking at some of their design choices that occasionally operate in contradiction.

Editorial: Skyward Sword: Twenty Months Later

Ethos has returned to Skyward Sword for his first full playthrough since beating it for review over a year and a half ago. He feels that Twilight Princess has not aged particularly well despite some bright spots, so how does Skyward Sword stack up?

TSM Episode 49: A New Bup

When Kingdoms of Amalur developers 38 Studios and Big Huge Games close their doors due to financial mismanagement, recently unemployed developers-at-large Nate 'Bup' Liles and Chris Privitere arrive unbidden on the doorstep of Hijinx ensue.

TSM Episode 24: Bacon Close and the Noob

Lusipurr and Ethos discuss the many unbalanced weaponry issues which plague modern video games, from Modern Warfare to Mario Kart to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Also, Rodgers and Hammerstein and The Blackeyed Peas receive much-deserved scorn.

Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Ethos likes the new Zelda game. Big surprise. Still, he puts on his most objective glasses possible to review his time in Skyloft. He likes the game, but how much? Read on to see if Skyward Sword meets the Ethos fanboy quota.
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