MAP Episode 42: Nate’s Broken Headset

Pushed to the brink by the tripartite efforts of Bup, Riddles, and Ethos, Lusipurr finally abandons ship midway, preferring a poo in the loo to the pointless antics of his usless podcast panel. (Next week, the panel will be replaced by a dog choir.)

MAP Episode 12: Oliver’s Tea Time

The knowledgeable and sagacious staff of offer a complete and in-depth review of the things that matter to gamers: what goes with Darjeeling tea, what are the best stamp-collecting games, and where is Oliver going for dinner?

MAP Episode 7: The $400 PayStation3

In the final podcast on the current generation of consoles, the panel takes apart the PS3 and its cleverdick marketting department. Oliver is ticketted for speeding, Ethos dodges a foosball, and Lee takes umbridge: hang on tight, it's a bumpy ride!

Editorial: I GDC a good E3

Okay so that title is terrible, but sometimes I can’t resist.

GDC is wrapping up, and for a show that is supposed to be focused on developers, it can house some pretty important announcements for us gamers. For example, LittleBigPlanet was shown off in 2007 which started to shift a generally negati…