TSM Episode 574: Anything Goes

By Caspius
Anything Goes by Cole Porter

Caspius and SiliconNooB inaugurate a new era for the Starlight Megaphone by bringing in a connexion to the multi-award-winning Final Fantasy VI Radio Drama, before announcing a potential autumn playthrough game, and an announcement of an announcement.

Editorial: On Post-Launch Support

By Mel
Finishing this game is going to be tougher than I thought.

Post-launch game support can mean many things these days, and Mel takes a look at a few of those things as they relate to the buying public. While often a tale of woe, as AAA gaming can be in many ways, post-launch support can be done well. Find out how!

Editorial: Fallout Fall-out

By Mel
Will he ask me to blow up a town that worships an undetonated nuclear bomb? I hope so.

Mel rambles a bit this week as he touches on various subjects related to open world game design. Bringing up some big names in the genre, Mel looks at what works best and what works worst, and what to expect from these kinds of games in the future.

Editorial: Defining ‘Gamefeel’

By Mel
But it will have to wait until a Steam sale and a computer upgrade. Dem grafix.

Mel seeks to nail down exactly what it means to describe a game’s “gamefeel”. The term is used often enough and without sufficient specificity that he feels it necessary to examine the term and what it means for a game to have either good or bad gamefeel.