TSM Episode 85: The Fate of Ignatius J. Reilly

Zoltan's Reading Room finally attains to a glorious and satisfying conclusion, Lusipurr inveighs against the Culture Machine, and SiliconNooB speaks out against censorship in what may be the last of the really long Lusipurr.com podcasts. Brevity ho!

TSM Episode 82: The XY Factor

SiliconNooB is pleased to report that the PlayStation 3 has finally outstripped the XBox 360 in terms of total hardware units shipped, Lusipurr exults in the announcement of a new Pokemon generation for the 3DS, and Ignatius Reilly sells all his hot dogs.

Review: Costume Quest

Double Fine Productions is known for making quirky games, and Costume Quest is no exception. Join Deimosion as he explores the fun, cartoony little Halloween-themed RPG.

TSM Episode 40: Taciturn, but Tough

When a notorious purple octopus and his taciturn friend get an announced XIII-2 DLC release, the podcast panel finds themselves berserked; the announcement of a Theatrhythm release date only adds to the excitement. Lusipurr is forced to purchase remedies.

MAP Episode 118: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Despite not knowing the date, the episode number, or his own name, Lusipurr nevertheless throws down the gauntlet to the readers of Lusipurr.com, challenging them to donate money to ensure his first review ever is of one of the worst RPGs ever produced.

Review: Homefront

THQ and Kaos Studios allows players to fight against America’s Korean invaders in the recent release of Homefront for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Homefront takes place in the year 2027 where a unified Korea under the rule of North Korea, known as the Greater Korean Republic, invades and tak…

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