Review: Homefront

THQ and Kaos Studios allows players to fight against America’s Korean invaders in the recent release of Homefront for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Homefront takes place in the year 2027 where a unified Korea under the rule of North Korea, known as the Greater Korean Republic, invades and tak…

Review: You Don’t Know Jack

Jellyvision Games and THQ revive the popular trivia series You Don’t Know Jack with a new title for 2011.

YDKJ has players competing against each other for virtual dollars in a fictional trivia show.  Players must correctly answer ten preset questions to win the game, correct answers gain the play…

Review: Metro 2033

THQ and 4H Games destroy the world in a nuclear explosion with the recent release of Metro 2033.

Metro allows the player to enter the shoes of Artyom, a young man living in the Moscow subway system, also known as the Metro system, after a nuclear war causes humankind to almost become extinct.  After Artyom&#…

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