Finding Paradise Logo Box Art

Review: Finding Paradise

From developer Freebird Games comes Finding Paradise, an indie game about being sad and mentally ill! WIll it live up to their previous game, or will it fall flat? Join Durga as he takes a look and answers the question: can a sequel equal the original?

Editorial: What Game?

This week Tim tackles an easy and totally-not-an-excuse-to-talk-about-Blendo-Games question: How does one describe Art Games which have, well, no game? The usefulness of current definitions are brought up, and discussions which nobody could lose are had!

TSM Episode 21: Cocoa-bo

Vicks teaches us about raccoons, SiliconNooB bundles up the Vita, and Lusipurr dates Faris, Celes, and Kid. Also, Vicks lusts for a chocolate cocoa-bo, whilst SiliconNooB and Lusipurr chastise her for her insane Marylandese pronunciation.