TSM Episode 361: Ghost Stories

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB try to discuss the Spring game selection, but end up talking about anime instead. Mighty No. 9 is delayed, and the history of the Saxons, Gaels, Picts, and Normans are detailed on the back of an England victory in South Africa!

Editorial: The PlayStation 3: From Worry to Glory

Mel moves on to the PlayStation 3 this week in his continuing retrospective of this concluding console generation. A much more favorable experience, the PS3 would become Mel's primary gaming console throughout most of this generation. Fond memories await!

Editorial: What They Need, Not What They Want

It is often tempting to think of Emos as out of the loop insofar as normal concerns are involved, closeted away as they are, writing bad poetry and cribbing pretentious Twitter names on which to hang their hats of emotional profundity (try fecundity). I have recently had to reconsider my position on this ho…

News: Minority Report

This week, if you keep up with gaming news in even the slightest capacity, your ears are surely ringing from the deafening cries of Kinect. Between the release and onslaught of reviews for Microsoft attempt at stealing the Wii’s success, and the massive amounts of promotion and hype surrounding th…

News: Tokyo Game Show Explosion

If you are entirely oblivious to the world of video game conventions, then you are a moron. Furthermore, you would not know that today begins the third day of the Tokyo Game Show, which will be wrapping up tomorrow.  Unlike this year’s E3 or even the recent Penny Arcade Expo, the amount of news releva…

News: Accidentally the Everything

I Accidentally the iTunes

What is the laziest way to make money that’s taking the world by storm? Make an app. With the phrase “there’s an app for that” running rampant, developers ranging from well-known businesses to lonely nerds in their basement know that where there̵…

MAP Episode 53: Sexcast

Series 2 gets off to a foul start when Oliver and Ethan join from their Canadian love nest. Descriptions of sexual misadventures follow until Nate Liles, overcome with revulsion, loses his tenuous grip on reality and believes himself to be Lady Gaga.
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