Editorial: Nintendo Director

By Mel
He would even eschew an E3 press conference in favor of this format.

This week, Mel looks back at the works of former company president and CEO Satoru Iwata. Mel recounts the achievements of a beloved games personality lost to the company and to the world much too soon.

TSM Episode 321: Nintendoporn

By Caspius

When SiliconNooB drinks too much Australian Water, he finds himself unable to rise from bed. Heartened by an English test victory, Lusipurr assists his soaked co-host, and Bup joins them with a novel plan to help solve all of Nintendo’s many problems.

Editorial: Club Nintendo Exits Stage Left

By Java
Club Nintendo demands all hands on deck to clear out old merch from the warehouse.

Java may have to break his habit of signing up for loyalty programs and never using them as Club Nintendo begins to board up the windows and lock the doors. Climbing down from his New 3DS XL AC adapter windmill, he had this to say about the new offerings.