TSM Episode 99: Mexicast

Internationally-renowned Doctor of Feminism Dr. Julian 'SiliconBruce' Taylor condescends to visit the podcast, sharing words of guidance and incontestible fact with Lusipurr, Blitzmage, and Gyme. Newly-enlightened, the panelists focus on Mexican culture.

TSM Episode 58: Olympicast 2012

Chris 'Sabin' Privitere stops by to remind everyone of just how wrong he can be, whilst Lusipurr gladly revels in his own constant and enduring rightness. Imitanis decides that no news is good news, Ethos reports on Limbo 2, and Ginia simply vanishes.

News: Ubisoft on the Economies of Fail

Ubisoft is to provide the poor Man's launch line-up for Wii U, Jade Raymond despairs at core gaming's refusal to embrace motion controls, and Gabe Newell says that Windows 8 is a catastrophe, which all but guarantees that it will be in this week's news!