TSM Episode 46: Revenge of the Bup

By Caspius
Seska may be hot, but Elim Garak is the best Cardassian ever.

Deimosion and Lusipurr attempt to discuss the opinions of Shigeru Miyamoto and Markus Persson, but Bup disrupts the reporting with a bumper crop of non-news. When SiliconNooB finally makes his own tardy appearance, the podcast truly goes off the rails.

MAP Episode 92: Bigger in Texas

By Caspius

Lane joins Ginia and SiliconNooB to prove that everything is bigger (and more emo) in Texas, much to Lusipurr’s delight. The panel discusses the history of the middle east; Final Fantasy XIV Watch continues unabated; and we learn that Kotick wants YOU!

Editorial: Elite Villains

By Ginia
Anyone with eyes this glowy has to be bad

Video game villains are the yin to the hero’s yang. The villain provides the hero, and vicariously the player, with a purpose and motivation. Some simply seem to do it better than others, though. There are some villains who you just know scored straight A’s in badguy school. It takes a special combination of sprites, […]