TSM Episode 400: A Trolley Problem

When the Gyme-trolley begins hurtling towards a group of goblins tied to the tracks, Lusipurr must choose whether to divert it onto another track where it will hit Bup, instead. Then, Lusipurr and the goblins record the four hundredth Starlight Megaphone!

News: Tekken Offense

Nintendo debuts a new corpse-based Pokemon for Pokemon GO, IGN producer starts Twitter spat with Tekken creator because Social Justice, and the battle mechanics of World of Final Fantasy are described in detail in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 380: Pre-3 2016

As E3 looms on the horizon, Imitanis and SiliconNooB assist Lusipurr in presenting the veritable deluge of industry news, covering everything from game releases to new game announcements to future games in playable preview--AND the Holy Grail is found!

News: The Zodiac Ages Well

Square Enix trolls yours truly with the announcement of The Zodiac Age, Square Enix proudly presents their 2016 Season of Summoning, and France looks to stamp out sexy games in the news of the week!
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