Editorial: Mega Man Musings

By Deimosion

Deciding after last week that he wants to write something positive, Deimosion spends this week’s post exploring why the classic Mega Man formula works so well. SPOILERS: Dr. Wily was behind everything the whole time!

Review: Plants vs. Zombies

By Deimosion
These zombies are too adorable to be annoying.

While casual games have been the bane of many gamers, even hardcore gamers seem to enjoy PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies. Why is the game so popular with both the casual and hardcore gaming audience? Read on to find out!

Review: The Baconing

By Ethos
Cool costume, DeathSpank!

Ethos is a huge DeathSpank fan. Can he set his fanboyism aside and come to terms with the fact that The Baconing is a disappointing third entry in the series? Find out by clicking, reading and enjoying.

MAP Episode 114: A New Hope

By Caspius
Lusipurr.com celebrates the best virtues of humanity. And generosity is a virtue. Just sayin

This week’s gaggle of panelists (Ginia, Lane, SN, SB, and Deimosion) are joined by special guest Oliver ‘Riddles’ Motok for a discussion of the PSN-related news, and Lusipurr FanFiction gets read in the first installment of Lusipurr’s Story Time!

Review: Costume Quest

By Bup

Double Fine and THQ add some fun to the spooky Halloween season with the recent release of Costume Quest for the XBox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Costume Quest allows players to take control of either Reynold or Wren, who are identical twins, on Halloween night.  Whichever twin the player doesn’t choose to control […]