SaGa Frontier Character Art 1

TSM Episode 614: Square Enix Is Listening

With several stars already awarded in the autumn-winter playthrough-revisit, Imitanis and SiliconNooB join Caspius in discussing Square Enix's response to last week's podcast: more SaGa games coming to the Switch, and even some Xenogears news!
PS4 - Console - FEATURED

News: Fiscal Year 2018

Sony releases financial year 2018 sales, Nintendo releases fourth quarter sales, and Japan rates the top twenty video games of the last thirty years in the news of the week!
Xenogears Artwork 01 - Elly - FEATURED

News: Remake Watch

Character models have been heavily revised for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Metroid Prime 4 is in dire trouble, 30% of Capcom Vancouver hipsters are laid off, and Xenogears is twenty years old today in the news of the week!
Hunting of the Snark Book SLIDER

TSM Episode 409: Boxing Day Snark

At the offices, Christmas dawns once more with Sebastian, Adeki, and Lusipurr nestled all snug at their desks. A tale of Snarks and Boojums is told, along with a round-up of seasonal games, Christmas bargains, and a Humble Bundle FAQ.

TSM Episode 283: Property and Poppycock

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Iliya inaugurate the Imitanis Literature Corner with a special-edition full-length comedic reading, considerably lightening the mood after a discussion of the modern trend towards the erosion of property ownership. Penury ahoy!

TSM Episode 120: I.R.P. for 7 October, 1998

When the panel fails to show up, Lusipurr has no choice but to dig through his records to find an even earlier recording of the Internet Radio Programme than that used in TSM 44. This time, he selects the second IRP episode, recorded in October of 1998!
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