TSM Episode 574: Anything Goes

By Caspius
Anything Goes by Cole Porter

Caspius and SiliconNooB inaugurate a new era for the Starlight Megaphone by bringing in a connexion to the multi-award-winning Final Fantasy VI Radio Drama, before announcing a potential autumn playthrough game, and an announcement of an announcement.

Editorial: Game Show

By Mel
Not exactly to my liking, but I can

Games are a wonderful form of entrainment and today they are being enjoyed in many different ways. Let’s Plays put games into a passive category, much to the success of some. Mel looks at games as a performance and highlights some of the best aspects.

Editorial: The Trailers

By Java
No, it

Given that Java has fallen woefully behind the rest in terms of owning new systems, he spends more time watching video game trailers than actually playing the games…save for Bravely Default. However, he will not be talking BD this week. Trailers it is!

Editorial: Advertising Lows

By Gyme
Do not say anything negative about the console or we will fucking terminate you(r agreement)!

EA and Machinima were caught red-handed this week when some interesting advertising agreements were leaked. Although they were quick to try and dispel the shadiness the question remains as to what depths will they sink to sell shitty products?