TSM Episode 258: Gotta Go Fast

Everything old is new again when Lusipurr rehires every staff member ever to have worked at Lusipurr.com. Sonic goes fast, much to the delight of panelists SiliconNooB, Durga Syn, and Mel, who are eager to play the Western-only Wii U exclusive.

TSM Episode 109: Earthbound

Nintendo, bowing to pressure, at last releases Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console, but the decision to price it above Nintendo's own stated maximum price incurs the wrath panelists Lusipurr and SiliconNooB; and Sabin makes a fine guest appearance.

News: Ubisoft on the Economies of Fail

Ubisoft is to provide the poor Man's launch line-up for Wii U, Jade Raymond despairs at core gaming's refusal to embrace motion controls, and Gabe Newell says that Windows 8 is a catastrophe, which all but guarantees that it will be in this week's news!
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